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Heart diseases have always been important in the western world and have been the leading cause of death for many years. The vast majority of all heart diseases are caused by atherosclerosis, the narrowing of arteries which lead to heart attacks and strokes.

In about 50% of all cases atherosclerosis is caused by traditional risk factors for heart diseases such as high blood pressure, smoking, high cholesterol, diabetes, overweight, family members with proven heart disease before the age of 60 and not enough physical exercise. For many of these traditional risk factors genetic predisposition plays an important role. In the other 50% without traditional risk factors genetic predisposition plays an even bigger role.

Over the last years enormous progress has been made towards determining the genetic predisposition of atherosclerosis. By investigating the DNA in blood cells the individual risk towards atherosclerosis can now be determined with great accuracy. A large number of DNA variants are known to lead to atherosclerosis, and each of them is looked at. The more DNA variants there are the higher the individual risk towards atherosclerosis.

This technique is only available in few of the leading hospitals in the world. With some pride we can now offer this here in the Costa Blanca. Being completely new and state of the art medical science the full importancy of all genetic work is probably not even appreciated accordingly. At the very least we can use this molecular genetic screening to determine the individual risk and if required or needed take appropriate action.

All laboratory results, together with a full medical history taking and physical examination are discussed carefully with the cardiologist. In case of genetic determined increased risk for atherosclerosis it is important to actively search for possible asymptomatic existing disease. This means at the very least an EKG and cardiac ultrasound should be made.  
If needed or required we can perform all additional tests or treatments.

It is crucial to emphasize that as long as the disease is found early enough it is very well treatable.
You can as of now minimize the chance of becoming a heart patient enormously.
All test results including advice from the cardiologist are given in a complete written medical rapport.

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