Dr. H.J.M. Braat
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  Hospital Clinica Benidorm /HCB
Since october 2008 I have been working full time as a cardiologist in this large
private Spanish hospital located in the centre of Benidorm.
Also I perform coronary angiographies and coronary angioplasties.

The HCB is one of Spain’s largest private hospitals and has been rewarded
being the best private hospital in Spain in 2008. Here you can find all medical
specialists, from cardiac surgery to dialysis and from neurosurgery to radiotherapy. Only obstetrics is not offered.

There are a total of 168 beds of which 15 are intensive care beds.
The hospital already exists over 30 years and works with virtually all national
and international health care insurance companies.
If you want to know more about this private Spanish and internationally orientated
hospital you can visit:

Within the cardiology department there are 5 cardiologists and we offer all diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities / options, modern science has to offer. From cardiac imaging with ultrasound to coronary CT-scan and complete heart MRI if wanted or necessary. Our electro- physiologist not only implants all different kinds of pacemakers, he also implants defibrillators and performs catheter ablations.

Besides my work as a general cardiologist in which I do out patient clinic work, perform cardiac ultrasounds and make rounds on the cardiac ward and intensive care unit I also perform coronary angiographies with direct coronary angioplasty if needed.
Being trained in the OLVG centre in Amsterdam, one of Europe’s largest radial artery access centres for coronary angiographies, in virtually all my procedures I use the right wrist instead of the leg. Leading to substantially less bleeding complications and being more comfortable in over 90% of patients.

  Dr. H.J.M. Braat, Cardioloog

If you want to make an appointment with me in the HCB please call: 0034-965 853 850.
For all kinds of questions or information you can also send an email to:
All secretaries speak at least English and Spanish.